turning orange

this winter I broke up with a service I've been using for all of my adult life: my bank. I traded in my dull, expensive TD accounts with little to no interest for an ING account that gives me money. A lot of money.

In addition to paying me interest on my chequing account (yes!) as well as my savings accounts (double yes!), they give me money when people I know sign up (like my boyfriend, or my sister, or strangers I give my ING orange key to - and they give all these people money too), and when I do things like switch my payroll ($100!).

And they charge no fees. That's right.

No fees to have a checking account (I used to pay TD $13.95 a month and ING is free. Insane!).

No fees to have a savings account (I don't even want to talk about how TD wanted me to pay them to save my money. Thanks! I'll keep it under my mattress in that case.) Note to people who visit my house: I don't keep my money under the mattress.

No fees to take money out of a bank machine in their Exchange network.

No fees to go talk to someone in person when I need assistance or need to replace my card.

I could go on.

But perhaps more importantly, I feel GOOD about banking with ING. If you go to their office in downtown montreal, they'll make you a coffee and let you hang out at their in-office coffee bar to check your email or read the paper. They are friendly, and talkative, and helpful. Their emails are funny and witty and interesting. They are trying awfully hard to give me a mortgage (those emails ARE compelling), and they offer financial investment advice and bonus %'s of interest on occasion when you do use them for investments. Did you hear that? A bank that gives you EXTRA MONEY for just doing the things you already needed to do.

If you open an account with my orange key, they'll give you extra money too. Sound awesome? It is.

My only regret is that I didn't switch sooner.

this isn't an ad, nor did ING ask me to write this post. I just really like my bank right now. you should like your bank too.