This is the most frightening thing I have read in a while. Druggists in US are in the midst of gaining legal protection that enables them to refuse to dispense medication (specifically birth control) they believe to be morally wrong. The best part of the article is by far this paragraph:

"The explosion in the number of legislative initiatives and the number of individuals who are just saying, 'We're not going to fill that prescription for you because we don't believe in it' is astonishing."

For the most part, this seems completely unfathomable to someone like me who has lived in Canada her entire life. Medication is an essential requirement, and I tend to think that the pharmacy I choose to frequent needs to deliver on my doctor's order, not to try to give me a lesson in religious morals.

The line between real life and religious life in the US just seems so blurred sometimes. To me, it's straightforward. Yes, I have my own moral and religious views. Is it my right to impose them on others in my line of work? I would tend to think not. My pharmacist is there to dispense medication based on a doctors orders, not to be selective about who does or does not receive. Am I that wrong?