project: flor

flor in progress My studio is usually a mishmash of fabric and projects and things to do and well, if we're being honest, a tumbleweed or two of thread. And that's always prevented me from putting anything on my studio floor - rugs collect thread like nobody's business.

But my feet. They are cold! So this studio around I decided to treat myself to a Flor rug I've been keeping an eye on for ages. It's made of 100% recycled fibers and feels like fuzzy felt. No pile means no collecting thread bits! So far it's one of my favourite purchases for the new place.

Rug assembly time.

flor dots make this entire process extremely easy. just stick them to a corner and go!

building the flor

setup and layout. it's worth noting that you're actually supposed to move the furniture OUT of the way.

flor in progress

work in progress.

assembled flor

finished product! ignore the horrendous ikea stool. it's being replaced shortly by one of these. MUCH NICER.