losing sleep over guest beds

Since we've moved to montreal, we've had lots and lots of guests. And most of those guests sleep in our guest bed, which until now, has been a tried& true IKEA futon monster that can be comfy when we add enough layers, but is about 100 miles from stylish. After yesterday's move, I dutifully set it up again in anticipation of our next visitors, and of course, its daily use as my "sit around with a laptop and my coffee" sofa, and...


I couldn't do it. I HATE that futon.

So I sold it instead  (kijiji in this city is like magic).

But now I need a new sofabed slash office sofa. And it's down to two major contenders - unless something else comes along. And I can't decide. This is where you come in - what do YOU think?

This one:

or this one:

Other suggestions? Ideas? We have sworn off IKEA as a house rule. The only criteria are:

  • easily convertible
  • no wider than 80"
  • no wider than 37" when in seated position
  • at least 47" wide when used as a bed