batonnettes, juliennes, dice

batonnettes, juliennes, dice, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

while I'm willing to say I'm a pretty reasonable home cook I've been wanting to improve my skills for years and have been taking courses here and there as interesting ones came up.

last night was my long awaited knife skills class. Somewhat shockingly, I was the only student who already knew how to hold a knife. I was stunned, since I thought that EVERYBODY knew what a choke grip was.

Clearly I watch too much food network.

We diced, julienned, chopped, segmented, and chiffonaded all sorts of edible items and then smashed garlic into a delicious, delicious pulp.

This class was a great refresher for some skills I already had a good handle on, but most of all it was an important lesson in knife placement and motions. I loved it!

tomato dicing

sweet potato soup

old spinach new spinach

spinach chiffonade

garlic paste

dinner in progress

we all agreed that this sort of looks like bacon

grapefruit segments

pasta results