so it begins

Farmer's wife quilt, block 1, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

when we decided to move to Montreal (and by virtue of moving here, into a MUCH smaller space), I packed up my studio and decided to take a break from crafting since there was so much else (new people, new language, new city, new home, new job, new culture, you know.) to take in and make part of my life.

And my craftiness has sort of languished since then. I made two quilts last year, started a few more, and did some other fun things, but it was far from my "Let's make 250 guitar straps for next month's ladyfest" days. If I'm being truthful, I miss those days. A lot. And I don't know if I'll ever get them back in the same way in Montreal, but the projects are returning, slowly but surely.

Cue my new project: The Farmer's Wife!

Name notwithstanding, this is an epic project - 111 6 1/2" squares, all meticulously (and annoyingly) template-pieced and assembled into a queen sized quilt. This project is a monster.

Tonight my new friend Jess and I tackled block #1 with a medium amount of success. It's going to be long (but full of hilarious conversations!) year.