christmas project: 2011 edition

cookbook collection, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

Almost every year I decide, on a whim, to tackle some sort of unrealistic-yet-fantastic project that will take at least 50% more time than I assume, requires some superhuman effort, and that I will procrastinate about until the day before the shipping deadline.

This year was no exception.

But this year, I made a cookbook. A 106 page cookbook (!), complete with recipes I've adapted and created over the years along with family favourites and photos I've taken myself of EVERYTHING, in the dark evenings and weekend mornings of October and November.

I sent multiple copies to print for MANY people without ever proofing a real-live-printed-bound copy and this decision (and time constraint!) almost drove me to drink, I was so nervous about the end result.




vanilla beans

salted caramels with fresh vanilla beans

But I didn't need to be. They're beautiful. Thanks, blurb.