things we did this weekend:

  • painted Ben's office. green! (some of you will remember my earlier variation on green. think green reincarnated! tell him it looks nice!)
  • chilled at the christmas gift show with family. I so need to ditch corporate life and make crafts for a living. Anyone want to sponsor my textile factory?
  • went to fetch my replacement ipod headphones. thank goodness! my music addiction can return to its previous colour co-ordinated state.
  • toyed with Pica's head. She is such a sucker for toys.
  • painted some more (please no more painting!)
  • skipped the toxic opening, and drinks with liz in favour of painting (will it never end? are we crazy? seriously - someone take me out drinking.)
  • made sad faces because *someone* didn't come over to fingerpaint with me.
  • had my opinion sought out for proper "picking-up-girl-in-bar attire". frowny-faces are not happy-making.
  • went diner hunting for breakfast
  • *almost* finished a quilt. Almost.
  • let ben play my bass. bad bad idea. he's never played a bass and even he is sounding better than I.
  • other assorted things that involved me not stressing and almost relaxing.

So, next weekend should involve more drinks and music and art and people than you can shake a stick at. Any suggestions?