snow white bunny ears

In unrelated, non-US-election news, my new ipod earbuds appear to have arrived via purolator. I just need to go ALL THE WAY DOWNTOWN! Before 7! And pick them up. Urgh. After using them for only one month, they were static-y and sometimes irreverently silent. I think they had a mind of their own. So, even though I thought about giving them a second chance, they've been turfed.

The nice guy at Apple Canada, when asked what I should do with my old headphones (and upon me finding out that they'll send me new ones for free ...thank you warranty!...) said, "I use them as cat toys".

Wise plan. Wise plan. Perhaps they'll be more entertaining than the dual zippers on my bass bag.

Speaking of music, I am currently listening to " the poets affirm". I like the Cello. Makes me want to go home and play.