capture the flag…

So, if Kerry has conceded, and Bush has "won", what happens if Kerry actually wins Ohio after all the votes are counted? Does Bush still win because Kerry said "I give up"? I'm confused. Is winning the US election actually just based on who gives up first, or is it based on votes? Given the press, you'd think that it's all about waving a white flag of surrender, instead of someone actually counting the votes and saying...look! person x got more!

The US electoral system is so bizarre, what with it's winner-take-all approach, every state has it's own, unique voting machine/method, and crazy provisional balloting, paper ballot exceptions, and disqualifications because of stupid technicalities. It's so odd to think that more than a million or so votes can be obliterated for a given state, just like that, because the other side got one electoral vote too many. How is that democratic?

In Canada, we all show up on early voting days, or election day, take our piece of paper from the nice people at the tables, stand in the voting booth and mark an X. We don't actually vote for Prime Minister, we vote for our parliamentary representative, and the prime minister gets determined by the number of parliamentary reps for the party. More liberals means a liberal prime minister. More NDP means NDP in power.

Maybe we're isolated freaks, here, choosing to shun the complexities of the us electoral system, or maybe we're just.....simple. Sometimes simple seems SO good.