hustle bustle

murale d'Espace Go The holiday madness officially hit a few weeks ago, with holiday card-printing classes to teach, a few crazy (crazy!) projects up my sleeve along with visiting family (Hi mom!) a trip to Ottawa and the overall general chaos that seems to be my life (seriously, I need to learn how to relax, but I don't know where to start. Is there a to-do list I could reference?).

So instead of a real update, some highlights:

  • There have been some moderately insane photoshoots in my kitchen these last few weeks. Turns out my fridge has EXCELLENT light.
  • Caramels. 'tis the season. The fridge is full of 35% cream, and the cupboards are bursting with vanilla beans and sea salt. And like always, the recipe is a secret. Sort-of.
  • While in Ottawa I ate at the delightful back lane cafe, where they greeted me by my twitter handle. Slightly creepy in that internet-life meets real-life way, but awesome. Also, they have burrata. Win!
  • Also in Ottawa, Exposure Gallery for Yule! The extraordinarily fantastic Dwayne Brown had some pieces in this show. As someone who collects tiny things like this, I kind of want them all.
  • Cats! I have been rocking the SPCA with adorable cat photoshoots and profile-writing for these last few weeks. Moderately lonely cats stuck in cages have developed a fondness for my camera. Certain lenses are covered in nose prints, and that's ok by me.
  • We went to Cookies Unite. I ate boudin soup. It felt astoundingly like the offal dinner, more like a test of stamina than "YUM!". My year in weird foods? Complete. I'm going back to eating salad and vegetables.
More soon. I have a mountain of photos and some cool projects to share.