tastes of new york

Eating at expensive restaurants in new york city is nice, don't get me wrong. But writing for cheap eats all those years ago gave me a newfound appreciation of "where real people eat" and just how exceptional the hole in the wall can be. Our mission on this trip to new york wasn't to focus on the fancy, but on the spots real people eat. The place you grab a quick dinner on your way home. The ramen joint that always has a seat for you at the bar. You know the places...we all have them wherever we live. Some of our favourites: Cemitas NYC

When someone points you in the direction of a twelve-layer mexican sandwich, do not question them. Order a cemita.


Doughnuts! Wow. Best donuts ever. This one is a blood orange donut topped with candied orange. YUM.

Momofuku Milk Bar

Ok I admit this one was an indulgence, but you would indulge in their famous birthday cake truffles too. I dare you to have just one (they come in packs of three). See also: compost cookies! (they involve no dirt).


The Others

I forgot / it was too dark to take photos of these.

Maoz: my favourite falafel. Fresh. Hot. Tasty. Worth the $6.

Donburiya: WOW. Spicy ramen, sapporo draft, seafood pancakes, green tea crepe (go just for this if you have to, you will not regret it).

Lilly's: go for the huge draft beer list. stay for the people-watching.


We have to go back because the list is still too long.