austin again, the 20-second summary

I was back in austin last week for a conference. I took only one photo, inside a bar called the Jackelope (and yes, there IS a giant Jackelope figurine you can have your photo taken with), where a pint of exceptionally tasty pear cider cost about $2 (or so it seemed). If I HAD taken photos, the collection would look like this:

Plane ride. Taxi ride. Craps game. Underground bar with new American friends whose names I no longer remember. Improv jazz. Breakfast. Networking. Screaming Monkeys. More networking. Whole Foods chocolate aisle! Wacky party. Storm troopers. Star-Trek-attired cover band. Fire dancers. Best view of Austin. Colleague rescue mission. House tour, dog patting, hat throwing at 4am with strangers who are mostly still strangers. Going to bed when the sun was coming up. Networking. Meetings. Really weird trip down south congress for a slice of pizza we never actually ate. Riding the Austin bus (it costs $1! awesome!). Delicious pumpkin soup at Parkside. More parties. Late night text messages. Coffee delivery. Migas for breakfast. And then...that's it. It's over.

It's nice to be home.