brunch at café falco

wow. this happened weeks ago (September 3rd!) but it's just been so crazy that these photos have been gathering dust ever since.

Café Falco is an adorable japanese-inspired cafe not too far from our new apartment in Montreal's Mile End. Nestled at the end of a street full in industrial warehouses and super strange shops (and for those who know it, around the corner from Jeans, Jeans, Jeans), they are serving up locally roasted coffee and tasty japanese snacks nearly every day.

Brett and I had been for lunch earlier in the summer, taking a tofu sandwich, some onigiri and some soup to go, and I have a soft spot for their siphon coffee. The fancy siphons never fail to fascinate me - it's like high school science class BUT WITH CAFFEINE. So, the best kind of science, you know.

But what Falco is really known for is the weekend brunch. Served only on Saturdays, it's definitely worth the visit (and there's hardly ever a wait).

falco saturday brunch

Their brunch is relatively...non-traditional. For $18 you'll get a siphon coffee or tea, some orange juice, a matcha muffin, miso soup, a salad, and (my favourite) a brunch bowl full of lentils, tofu, rice, edamame and pickled carrots. It is the best thing ever. And I am still thinking about their tofu a month later.

falco siphon stash

While it wouldn't qualify for cheap eats brunch status, it is still hands down my go-to breakfast spot in our new neighbourhood. And if you can't make it for brunch, definitely go for the coffee and a great place to hang out - they have a hammock swing!