speeding along

This photo pretty much sums up how I feel about the remnants of summer. Fast, but full of endurance (these cyclists in the Grand Prix rode a solid 205 km, including 17 trips OVER mount royal. They rock.), equal parts whee! and challenging.

Montreal is home now. It's funny how it happened, especially since many months of this year have been punctuated with "I wanna be somewhere else" moments and opportunities. Toronto? San Francisco? They have been contemplated heavily in these parts. But unlike before, I find it difficult to contemplate leaving. It's as if I have roots here now (and let's be honest, an aversion to packing any more boxes).

I have friends here, my time is full with volunteering, and teaching, learning french (qui l'eut cru?), hosting visitors and trying to jam in all the things I want to do into days that are never quite long enough.

Now the real question is, after a summer full of leisure and fun and visitors, can we outdo ourselves with an equally fantastic winter?