I have been neglecting my writing lately because I am just too busy. Max got adopted last weekend, just in case I haven't mentioned it, so he's gone to a new happy family, where, hopefully they like sharing everything.

We got two more kitties on Tuesday - Gryphon and Cleo. They're dolls, but are sick, and sometimes a bit needy. As I write this, they are each underfoot. Gryphon is sleeping my lap while I balance my powerbook over top of him on both knees, and Cleo is perched on one knee, trying to decide whether she should go after my quickly typing fingers or the cursor on the screen.

As much work as they are, it is good to have a full house again.

Been up to a lot of stuff lately, but not much of anything at the same time. Went to see VEO and Elevator at the Black Sheep on Thursday. Elevator were good, though I got a migraine at the beginning of their set, and that just makes it difficult to enjoy much of anything. VEO were, um, interesting. I especially enjoyed the very subdued video of the farmers fields and manure piles. Classy stuff.

We also went to see Eleni Mandell on Friday. Great show. Just Eleni and her bassist, Ryan Feves, on his upright.

Saturday night we went to see "I (heart) Huckabees" which was marvelous. Better than we had hoped - especially since we didn't know what it was about at all going into it.

Today, we went on the Haunted walk - after so many years of living in this city, it's nice to finally get around to something touristy. Nice time, and I even won a prize! Bizarre...