So, interestingly enough, after much ado, and years of debate about how good/bad/terrible/sinful/spectacular sunday shopping would be in Nova Scotia, Nova Scotians said "No thanks. We've talked it over and we don't want it." Huh? It's an interesting and disappointing perspective. Seems the majority think that allowing Sunday shopping will destroy the family unit, force people to go to work, and really, ruin the day-to-day lives of the typical Nova-Scotian.

I find it fascinating that no one seems to have opened up to the obvious (or at least, that not enough people have considered it): just because the government says that you CAN open on Sundays doesn't mean that you actually HAVE to. This, to me, seems like a much nicer treat than the government saying that unh, unh, no way, will you be allowed to sell things to your paying customers and make more money you small business owners, on a Sunday. Sunday is for, um, church (?) and togetherness (?), not running down to the grocery store to get some more milk and heaven forbid....out to the mall to buy...say....socks, as you were too busy working EVERY other day of the week to go then.

I am so not in line with this mentality.