sugar spectacular

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I recently had a revelation that has pretty well been about, oh, 32 years in the making, and that is that I really really love making candy.

I am ok at quite a lot of things in the kitchen. I make my own pasta on occasion, some people invite me to visit just so I will bring them pie (hi jen!), and there is not a cookbook I own that's not already full of smudgy finger traces and post-it flags. But as it turns out, the one thing I think I am best at when set loose with an apron and a bag of candy.

I really hope my dentist is not reading this.

caramel purgatory

Last weekend I was browsing around the internet, checking to see what was new in the world of cookbooks, when I discovered this gem. Sugar Baby is a bible of confectionary goodness, and more than 200 pages of things made from mostly sugar.

It arrived on Wednesday. And I started making things from it on Thursday. Two recipes down (sea salt caramels - though I mostly followed my own recipe instead, and vanilla fondant), too many to go.

look! I made fondant!

Also: I made my own fondant. I consider this a personal victory, mostly because every time I see the bakers on Charm City Cakes roll out a splendid ball of fondant into a beautiful smooth circle I imagine that there's no possible way to ever create something so malleable and perfect in my home kitchen. I mean, obviously, it's just screaming out for an industrial mixer and a stainless steel countertop, right?

In any case, I was wrong, and now I'm totally excited about making more fondant for well, mostly not very useful purposes. But it's still cool!