officially out of bbq steam

pink, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

we're back from SXSW, and I can honestly say it was just about the weirdest, busiest, chaotic and fantastic twelve days I've ever spent away from home. And that is saying something.

Texas is exactly what people tell you it is. Big, bold, friendly, and FULL OF BBQ. An unlimited supply, really, that creeps up on you when you're not even looking and shoves a giant brisket sandwich into your hand. Obviously, because you're Canadian, and polite, you have to eat it. Also, you have to eat it because it's delicious. Oddly, I never took a single picture of BBQ.

So many days of so many things really threw my brain for a loop, so I have yet to be able to string together enough sentences to convey all that I want to tell you about how crazy SXSW is and why you should go. But it's coming. Soon! I promise. But for now, enjoy the pictures.

hello, imaginary characters I know from the internet

Look! It's the xtranormal bears.

poutine in texas?

There was poutine (served on waffle fries). I couldn't bring myself to tell them that they did it wrong.

firefox blood orange sorbet with salted chocolate cookies

Firefox Ice Cream sandwich, anyone? They were giving them out for free at the surprise Mister Heavenly show next to the giant solar carousel. Yes, you can GUARANTEE that this place was full of hipsters. Also, Michael Cera!

delish cupcakes

There were cupcakes. On St. Patty's Day. With Bailey's icing.

black gadgets

Jack White played a surprise two-song set in a parking lot in downtown austin, performing, as he said it, "to more black gadgets than faces."

a quick stop at the registrant's lounge

And there was scotch. Courtesy of Macallan, who sponsored the registrants lounge so you could get your scotch fix on twice a day if you were really not doing anything else (which we always were).