on the ipad

I have always sortof coveted an iPad, though I could never figure out what I would actually use it for that I don't already use my macbook, iphone, or Apple TV for (yes, I know...we should just buy apple stock, already).

Except I was wrong when I thought I would use it for nothing. I use it for everything.

I use it for reading (though I prefer the Kindle app to Kobo or iBooks).

I use it in the kitchen (because it's ok to touch the touch screen when you have cookie dough on your fingers).

I use it to check the weather, to act as an alarm clock, to research my SxSW schedule obsessively. I watch TV on it (thanks, GlobalTV app!), and it's my method of choice to browse Facebook because Flipboard makes it look pretty (seriously! I hate Facebook otherwise).

And of course, Angus uses it to play games.

But I definitely don't need an ipad 2. Especially because it has that FANTASTIC magnetic cover. Of course I don't.

Apps I recommend:
Evernote, Flipboard, Reeder, Game For Cats, Kindle, and Penultimate.