cry me a river

Max goes home tomorrow after living with us for a scant 37 days. Boo. I want to keep him, but just can't financially justify it (the 'what if he gets sick?' worry runs continuously through my mind). And ben is allergic, which further complicates things. It's a shame, though - he's become part of our ragged little roommate-y family. I look forward to seeing him when I go home at night, and listening to him howl when he knows that I have food on the counter and he's not getting any. Last night he ate pomegrante.

He's such a great little kitty, though. I'm sure he will find a good home, with good people who will feed him turkey and tolerate his varied attempts at climbing onto the counter. I hope the also figure out that he hates canned air. What a life saver that is!

One more night of kitty snuggles and waking up to him licking my nose. So cute.

I'm going to miss him.