work in progress

for a change, I am making myself a quilt. Me! It's funny to think I've never actually done this...I guess I've just been too busy making things for other people over the years. But now it's finally time.

This all started with Pia Wallen's Crux Blanket, which I first saw over on Door Sixteen ages and ages ago. And I've had the pattern sketched out (there are sixteen of these crosses) for over a was just begging to be made.

So I've spent some agonizing hours cutting out all the pieces (there are six different types) and now I'm starting to assemble it all.






With luck, I hope to have the top finished by the end of the weekend, and then it's back to other quilting projects...which have been a tad neglected. Not for lack of caring, though! Lack of safety pins with which to sandwich them all together for quilting! Somewhere in this city I must be able to find safety pins...