almost home-ish

métro, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

It finally feels more like we live here, like life is a little more normal, or at least that Montreal is growing on me, and I'm growing on it.

Ridiculous case(s) in point:

Mastering the Metro
I spent three days in this city with a subway map, and then promptly threw it away (ok, let's be honest, I recycled it and saved it in our "guests: welcome to montreal!" kit, who are we kidding, but I digress). Now I'm not only a pro, I even know which parts of particular cars to be in so I can exit the train without ever having to be stuck at the back of the crowd of people smooshing together towards the surface.

Knowing the Landscape
Brett and I watched Mr. Nobody the other night and in the middle of the movie I had a "hey! that's a Montreal scene" epiphany in which I recognized a Mtl parking meter (nerd! yes, I know.), and then went on to pinpoint the EXACT spot in the city that shot took place in. Without the aid of google maps, I might add. I am a city-navigating landmark-finding rockstar.

Recommending Everything!
I no longer need the assistance of Chowhound and Yelp to know where to eat, what's new, and who would like what when visitors are asking for recos. I just know! Since this was my *thing* when we were living in Ottawa, feeling like I have a handle on more than just "well, yelpers gave it 5 stars!" makes it feel, every day, like it's a little closer to home. Almost.

Plus the Starbucks barista has stopped talking to me in English when I order in French. Celebrate the miniature victories!