elusive takeout

elusive takeout pizza, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

Moving to a new city is hard work all around, but one of the things we've found the hardest to replace after living in Ottawa's pizza-strewn Centretown and a stones throw from Little Italy is good, reliable (and hot!) takeout pizza in the Plateau.

Armed with pizza delivery menus, a persistent Chowhound search for 'montreal pizza', a dozen yelp favourites and a basic grasp of "Hi, I'd like to order a pizza for delivery" french, we have tried again, and again, and AGAIN to find pizza that's delicious without success.

The first was tasteless and bland, and took an hour to be delivered.

The second was delivered in 25 minutes, so lukewarm and awful that I just couldn't bring myself to eat it.

The third, well, let's just say it was a #pizzafail.

Cue last week, out late for a meeting and beyond-unwilling to whip something up from scratch at almost 10pm, even with a full fridge at hand, Montreal takeout pizza got one last chance.

And it was a winner! Shockingly close to us (though not as close as that time Brett lived across the street from Colonnade Pizza), Sandhu delivered hot and delicious pizza to us in 30 minutes or less, and didn't even take pity on my terrible french and switch our conversation to English (seriously, people. This is a victory in and of itself.).

Next up, finding a Montreal-replacement for So Good & Shanghai. File under: impossible.