the giant orange

the giant orange, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

It's been quite a few weeks. Busy with a trip home, a corporate management retreat in a place I've never heard of, a mammoth bout of being sick (seriously, this sinus headache still will not go away) and topped off with some in-town craziness today - a trip to the giant orange!

Officially called Guibeau's Orange Julep, this giant orange just off the Decarie is something I discovered by chance online. Once discovered, we knew we just HAD to go there. They serve ordinary fast food and a signature drink, the "Orange Julep" (which you can buy by the 2L jug if you're so inclined).

For the record, the Orange Julep is strikingly similar to an Orange Julius. Which one came first?


Also of note, this Heartland Turtle bar from Baked: Explorations, which I made this morning. We are currently referring to it by another name, "4 sticks of butter en route to a heart attack." It is delicious, of course.