dinner @ kazu

icemilk w. green tea powder, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

a few weekends ago we went dishcrawling with a Montreal local who is (in addition to being lovely and nice) a walking encyclopedia of food in this city. Need to know the best of something? He has already got a list with more than one option on it.

In any case, this wasn't like our last dishcrawl, where we went to a few restaurants and tried lots of different dishes. For this one, we stayed in one place and tried almost a dozen delicious things, mostly from their daily specials menu, which is handwritten and posted all over the walls.

I had heard about Kazu before the opportunity to eat there came up. By all accounts, it sounded amazing - an always a lineup, no reservations, japanese izakaya that was worth every minute of your possibly 1 - 2 hour wait (or more!).

It exceeded expectations. You can view the whole set of photos over here. Nom.