What a weekend. A road trip, a wedding, and some mid-day breakfast hilarity all rolled into one.

Mum, Ryn and I left for Toronto on Friday, and not even an hour in thought we had hit construction, until we (and a few other drivers around us) realized the blinky lane-changing yellow arrow wasn't stationary and was actually on a moving truck. Here we all were trying to change lanes, wondering why we were moving but just not GETTING ANY CLOSER to the lane change. Oops. Multi-blonde moment.

Upon arriving in Toronto, we went to Restoration Hardware, where I could indulge my "I like nice things" side, though I didn't actually buy anything. The stores aren't nearly as big as their catalogs...

We also strolled around a snooty shopping complex, running our hands over $1100 jackets, and trying to look inconspicuous up against the paris hilton dress-alikes that populated the concourse. We will take our jeans and skate shoes over your see-through corset any day. (For those whom that last part was interesting...there really was nothing to see).

On Saturday we hit the eaton centre, and strolled along to the record stores (who needs clothes when you have music??) where I picked up memphis, the billy liar ep by the decemberists, an old wilco, and a joni mitchell album. And the new sadies for ben. Yay tunes.

We went for a brunch at the pickle barrel, where we got the world's worst (but comical) server, who couldn't remember our orders to save her life, told us about a few of her former terrible customers, and watched a middle-aged gentleman meticulously remove ALL of the poppyseeds from his poppyseed bagel. And I do mean all. One by precious one. Thankfully he was a few tables down from us so he couldn't see us snickering periodically at his obsessive-compulsiveness. When at last we looked back, expecting him to be munching away at his non-poppy breakfast bread....he was eating a sandwich.

Perhaps the poppyseed bagels are just for amusement? We must have neglected to ask our crazy waitress for ours...

Wedding and reception were good. Strange to see family after so long, particularly family in kilts. But still good.

Nice to be home, though. I've missed max who (*gasp*) is no longer sneezing, the bugger, which means that he'll probably go back this week. I don't want him to go - you slowly and subtly get used to your soft kitty crawling up on your chest and purring his little heart out at night, or the plaintive heavy breathing early in the morning when he wants to play. It's cute (annoying too, but cute) . He'll run around the floor in circles and then hop on and off the bed, repeatedly, stopping only to blow puffs of kitty breath in my face, as if to say "AREN'T YOU GETTING UP??". He refuses to do this to my roommate. Unfair.

Anyhow, must go - as I lie here typing, max is snuggled around my next, snoozing, and I think I must do the same.