Friday playlist: Volume 3

A little late, but I've been busy having a lovely weekend instead. The Tallest Man On Earth - Love Is All

I discovered him from this Pitchfork Post, where you can also listen to "Like A Wheel" from his new EP. And of course, he is playing here in Montreal on September 25th, with S. Carey if you want to join me

The XX - "Crystalized"

I cannot stop listening to their album since I discovered it at Planet of Sound last week. Plus, they just won the Mercury Prize. You know you want to like them. And they're playing Pop Montreal. Ok, I'll stop. Everybody is playing Pop Montreal, it seems.

Badly Drawn Boy - "Too Many Miracles"

Oh I am SO HAPPY to hear some new music from him.

Blonde Redhead - "Not Getting There"

Penny Sparkle! Penny Sparkle! I am loving this album, and this track in particular reminds me of discovering blonde redhead when I was 26, browsing through albums in Brett's apartment at 4 am. Luckily his downstairs neighbour was a technology company that always went home before dark, so they didn't mind that we liked to play our music loud.

Seven Saturdays - "Au Revoir"

Loving this. Especially if you listen to it while sitting in a cafe sipping a latte watching the city move quickly while you sit still.

Frankie Rose & The Outs - "Candy"

Hello 2010's version of 60s Sock-Hop dance.

Freelance Whales - "Hannah"

Just watch it, you will love it.

Back with more music later this week! But first, a bonus: Muppets + Iron Chef Cat Cora. Did you live through the muppet era? I dare you not to love this.