Friday Playlist: Back To School

Now that listening to music is no longer "work", it's much more fun. I've gone back to my old ways - discovering new bands, seeing tiny shows, and I currently have a backlog of "I have to buy..." at least a few dozen long. It's been a while, but I'm restarting the Friday playlist, Maggie Mason lifelist style.

The Long Winters - Fire Island, AK

I first heard the Long Winters open for the Decemberists in the back of the Mercury Lounge in the middle of New York City. I have loved them ever since.

Diamond Rings - Wait & See

PS - you can see Diamond Rings @ Pop Montreal this year with Miracle Fortress

Catherine Feeny - Mr. Blue

Admiral Radley - Ghost of Syllables

I can't tell you how in love with this band I am right now. We saw them a few weeks ago at the Belmont with 30 other people, which was sad (where was everyone?) but also, fantastic.

Florence & The Machine - Dog Days Are Over

I dare you to not be happy listening to this song.

Jonsi - "Animal Arithmetic"

I saw him perform this one and a half times in two different cities (that's a LONG story), but every time it was fantastic.

School of Seven Bells - Windstorm

Happy listening, and I'll be back with more next week!