So, we finally have a problem at our house. There's this guy (we'll call him "shaggy-haired-bicycle-wielding-illegal-parker", or SHBWIP for short) who parks in our driveway. The driveway the I'm supposed to park in too, along with my roommate, the people next door and the other people next door (yes, that's right. We have two next-doors).

SHBWIP usually parks in our driveway from roughly 9:30 - 4:00, but sometimes later. He's there, on average, about two or three times a week. Trouble is, no one seems to know who he is, or why he's parking there. Sometimes, I've debated writing him a note, and leaving it on the blue taurus he helpfully leaves in our driveway taking up oodles of space that days...


I know we have a nice driveway. That's why we like to leave our cars in it. Sometimes driveway envy can be all consuming, can't it? You lie awake at night, tossing and turning, hoping to catch a glimpse of that oh so spectacular driveway down the street that has that cute red garage, just made for your pretty blue (and slightly rusty) car.

I don't mind if you come round every once in a while to gawk, or even to drool a little, but would you mind not parking here? You're scaring all of the cool cars away, and really, our driveway gets enough use as it is. It's plum tuckered out from all the parking that goes on here.

Thanks. PWLHAWHYT (people who live here and will have you towed)."

Is this unreasonable?