6:31 working at home

6:31 working at home, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

accompanied by the at-home supervisor who ensures I provide an ample supply of special treats.

it's been a zoo lately and I have a TON of things on my list of random robyn'ness.

  • Angus is on a mission to rack up the "most expensive vet bill ever produced by one cat in a 12-month period". So far, I would say his quest is going well, and our pet insurance company is either going to hate me, or derive great pleasure from denying my claim.
  • (another angus one, I'm sorry!). He's on medication again - in fact, something from the same family of medications that helped put him into this state, at this exact time last summer. Pardon me while I freak out a bit and hover like a mother hen (and give him 5 - sometimes 6 - daily pills!).
  • In OTHER news, I am pretty sure that I have given myself two weeks to make a giant quilt (once the fabric actually arrives. Postal system, hello?). This will not be pretty.
  • Tonight Brett played all heroic good samaritan when he spotted a fire in an alley-neighbours window. Except the fire belonged to their BBQ and it was just a guy making a cheeseburger. We did all come to agreement that brett was an awesome neighbourhood watch candidate, though.
  • Tomorrow I am taking my camera, and it+I are hitting the fabric store strip here in Montreal. I expect this will take many hours, and it makes me very happy. A sewing + camera adventure!
  • As a reward for actually using my camera, I'm going to torture myself with a run (for this) and then reward myself with a churro (or two).