hot hot heat

flaming lips aftermath, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

Guess what? Montreal is hot. I know, I know....Ottawa is too. But it's still hot. This week we longed for the cool rooms and shady trees of our Maclaren St. house. I love Montreal but I miss that house so very very much. I also miss the A/C at the Manx, but that's a whole other story.

Instead of being paralyzed by the heat, I'm running with it (sometimes literally - see: soccer and 10K training) and getting out and about in our fair city.

We've been to fireworks,


And concerts (like the Flaming Lips - the source of all the confetti in that photo up there). I did a little house tour,


and spent a lot of time sitting on the porch.

Brett and I are both busy training for things. He's spending time at the track training for a 100K bike race this fall, and I'm slowly but surely working my way to a 10K run - getting ready for this fall's Army 5, and next year's Bluenose 10 (selfishly so that my family can cheer me on at the finish line!).

This update is a little boring (I know!) but it's hard to be funny & entertaining when it's too hot to eat anything but popsicles for dinner. Maybe next time.