teamwork from afar

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my mother's first big purchase (hi mom!) after she retired (other than building a new house in a new province) was a giant quilting machine to outfit her equally as giant in-house quilting studio.


Having a HUGE backlog of quilts in what was then my soon-to-be packed up Ottawa studio, and with my mom wanting to spend some time figuring out how much she could push her new machine, I sent her one to try out. Nothing much, it was a tiny baby quilt (about 45" square) that was intended to be a now-well-overdue gift.

stitching detail

I mailed her a package with the top, the bottom, and some batting, and a few short weeks later, THIS is what came back. Gorgeous! And I love the stitching detail. So much more interesting than my usual straight line sewing plan.

Now I can't wait to find another excuse to send more home for this sort of treatment - it's kind of neat to be able to work together on little projects like this even though we live pretty far away from one another.