an angus update

hunting, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

one of the most popular questions I've gotten since the big move has been "how's angus?" so I thought it might be time for a little Angus update.

The short answer, he's good - though I think he has still not forgiven me for getting rid of all of his favourite places. And the lack of squirrels outside the window is constantly infuriating. He retaliates by chatting with the cat next door from my window at 4am.

But other than that, he is adjusting well to his new life in Montreal.

Health-wise, it's been about a year since he began to have issues and I'm so pleased to say that I feel like we finally have it all pretty much under control.

When we first started the process of adopting a sick cat I had visions of hugely expensive vet bills on a monthly basis, an endless supply of surgical bandages (I swear I still have some around here somewhere) and a cat who wouldn't make it to his first birthday. But he is thriving and unless we told you, you couldn't even guess that he is sick in the slightest. We do, though, have a vet who knows his full history on sight, and thinks he makes for a fantastic story.

If you're new to the story of Angus, or my previous life as a temporary mom to more than a handful of Ottawa's stray cat-orphans, you can learn more about Angus here, or all of the others than came before him, here.