easy as apple pie

apple pie, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

We are slowly winding up a jam-packed friend-filled weekend here, catching up on all of the soccer games we've missed and devouring a just-out-of-the-oven apple pie in place of dinner.

It's world cup season and watching all of these games has given me a good dose of itchy soccer feet. So much so that I actually contemplated taking a ball with me on my run with me this morning. I didn't, but my desperation to get back to the game did lead me to sign up as a spare for a game in Ottawa Tuesday night. It is, after all, only two hours away!

Of course, we'll be in Ottawa for other reasons, largely stemming from Friday's awesome yet disastrous trip to the SAAQ (that's the Quebec version of the MTO, not to be confused with the SAQ, where we buy our wine!) to exchange our Ontario licenses for Quebec licenses. In we walked with more than 15 years of driving behind us, and out we came. With LEARNER'S PERMITS.

Feel free to have a chuckle about that. I'll wait.

In my exhaustive research, and endless conversations ensuring that I had an accurate list of the documents we needed to provide (bills, birth certificates, passports, more bills, proof of address, etc.), not once did it come up that Quebec requires your very full driver's history (not the three-year-abstract I had purchased) in order to make a nice clean ON-license for QC-license swap. And you can't order this document online without waiting for at least three weeks to receive it (and do not get me started on the hoops that one must jump through once you are no longer an Ontario resident and Quebec just took your driver's license away), so I'm off to Ottawa City Hall to pick it up in person and thus end my ridiculous road restrictions and momentarily terrible insurance rates.

I guess it's a good thing that we didn't move to, say, Vancouver.