the summer dress (advice needed!)

I really don't know how people moved to new cities before the internet was our reference guide. They must have had to *meet* people, and talk on the phone, and *shudder* learn about cool things to do after they made all of these new friends. Luckily for me I am a child of the internet age, and despite knowing almost no one in this city, I am rapidly googling my way to pretty much everything I am looking for.

One such thing was a fabric shop. And a good one. For years, I have shopped online as an alternative to Ottawa's poor fabric options, and my (very nice!) postman has delivered bolt after bolt of Joel Dewberry, Amy Butler, Lecien and Echino prints without ever whining about it (I left him some of my camera collection - he also collects - as a gift when we left). But this is Montreal! Surely there must be awesome fabric everywhere, right?

The *everywhere* in that statement remains to be seen, but for now, I am delighted to have discovered Emeline & Annabelle, a Workroom-esque shop replete with workshops and great fabric and those GIANT cutting tables I have been coveting ever since getting a home studio (and especially now that my studio is in boxes in my storage closet).

And as luck would have it, I managed to sneak into a spot in their "Summer Dress" course that starts this week, where I will tackle my favourite challenge - sewing curves and following a pattern. Two things I generally avoid because straight lines and patterns I draft only in my head are much easier on my state of mind.

But here is where you come in! I had to pick some fabric to make this dress out of and while I've chosen a lovely bright blue as the base, I don't know which fabric I want to use as an accent (where the dress splits from a sleeveless v-neck to an a-line skirt, and as a band around the base).

Which is your favourite? (Forgive the "I took this photo at midnight" lighting.)