on montreal.

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Wow. It's been what feels like a very long three weeks, with our official move, a long weekend, the unpacking of a million and one boxes (I'm only kidding, but it FELT like that many), race weekend, the closing up of our house in Ottawa (*sob*!) and now, here we are.

So far, Montreal has been impressive. It feels like home in that "we already spent lots of time here so we're not completely lost when we leave the house" sense, but it's not really home. At least not yet.

But in any case, this week's awesome:

  • Running my first official 5K race with thousands of people. Awesome!
  • Managing to ship a parcel from Montreal to Halifax by Expedited Parcel at Canada Post and managing to do it all in French. Success!
  • Joining 15,000 other people for last night's Tour la Nuit. Brett had to talk me into the 20K ride (cross THAT one off my life list), but I'm oh-so-glad I went. It was magnificent.
  • Baked arriving in the mail. Oh the deliciousness that is rootbeer bundt cake. Why everyone does not have this cookbook, I will never know.
  • Latenight Poutine at La Banquise, which has oblitered Elgin Street Diner's late night scene from my mind entirely. St. Ambroise Apricot and Poutine with Guacamole? I love you.
  • Figuring out which metro car I need to be on in the morning to get off right at the escalator out of my arrival station. Makes me feel like I live here, just a little bit (tourist tip: the first and last cars are hardly ever crowded).