Race Weekend

Race Weekend, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

Growing up I was never what you would consider to be even close to athletic. With a club foot as a three-four-and-five year old, running was definitely not a sport that was on my radar.

My mother (always ingenious) had the solution that doctors didn't quite come up with to fix my directionally impaired foot dilemma, and as a result, I spent the next seven years of my life as a highland dancer (and yes, those swords are sometimes actually sharpened). To this day, I still have perfect turnout.

In high school, I wanted to be as cool as all the varsity kids, but with a lifetime of the highland fling behind me, my ability on the lacrosse field and volleyball court was limited. I did, however, become a referee. To this day, I can still score a volleyball game without paying much attention.

At twenty, I discovered recreational sports, and ignited a life-long passion for soccer and team sports and well....sweating....that had never before existed, and continues to this day. Forgive me while I pause for a moment to lament the UTTER LACK OF WOMEN'S SOCCER in Montreal for summer 2010. It makes me very sad.

Last year, in a fit of "If I don't do something physical my job is actually going to eat me alive", I joined a training session at the running room. I had never run before, other than up and down a soccer field, and above and beyond the physical challenge, it was a mental stumbling block for me - one single activity for a prolonged period of time. Good luck with that, someone who doesn't sit still.

But today, nearly ten months later, I ran my first ever five kilometre race. And while I didn't quite get the time I wanted, I finished (40:10, and 5772nd place out of 7500+ runners). And now I can work harder to make it better and faster and easier.

Sometimes meeting goals can feel really fantastic.