number eight.

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in a city that is often maligned, tarnished with a reputation as boring and conservative, there is no shortage of public art that makes it seem like just the opposite. So many people walk by these often-stunning works on their way to and from the office and never bat an eye, while others delight in seeing something beautiful on their way to cube land (or in the case of my recent 15month downtown commute, office-with-no-windows-land).

Some favourites:

  • My sonic deign prof Michael Bussiere's V.I.P sound sculpture.
    Most often found *turned off* (thanks city hall!), you can occasionally surprise yourself with this magnificent sound sculpture. Walk through it often, and intentionally, and you will love it too.
  • Maman, of course.
  • The statues at the Library & Archives on Wellington (pictured above). They're even more delightful when people dress them up.
  • Nature Girls, by Laura Ford. You can find this adorable piece at the British High Commission on Elgin Street.

This is one of ten entries in my Ottawa top ten list. You can read the first two installments, ten, and nine, here.