number nine

bike love, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

Some days it seems as if a staple of every urban home in this city is a bike or two. Whether it's old, vintage, or new, everybody's got one, and the instant it turns even moderately spring-ish outside, this town is riding.

Bikes have long been our commuting vehicle of choice, and we've spent many a weekend cruising along the canal paths, timing our 15Ks to the yacht club, or looking for a good spot to picnic with our DiRienzo's sandwiches and Wellington Village bakery treats.

While Montreal has a great bike culture, I am going to miss the familiar trails (and sights) of the ottawa paths. No more will I see the awkward sunbathing man who rides with a boombox strapped to his handlebars (for the record he likes to hang out near Pretoria Bridge). No more sunset stops for mediocre pizza and plastic cups of beer at Westboro Beach on the way home from a day of sailing at Brittania, and no more Dirienzo's bike picnics (though I guess that's probably worthy of a spot on this list all it's own).

Our bikes are going to miss this town.

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