out with a bang.

The 2010-2011 brochure (cover), originally uploaded by nac-cna.

My working world before the NAC was virtually paperless. Three years ago, my proud marketing moments would have been related to email campaigns, website launches, new product awards, giant tradeshow booths.

I would never have guessed that my latest proud moments would involve yanking packing tape off of box tops to inhale the sickly-sweet smell of straight-from-the-press brochures, having conversations with subscribers who keep the annual catalog as a coffee table book, or making happy the musician who just can't believe that a photo of themselves could be so lovely. But now I have many. Including this one, my very last.

Hello, 10-11 NAC Orchestra season. I hope you are a great one.

(For the print junkies: 56-pages, bilingual tumble, bonus front cover flap, and more fact-checking than one might care to think about).

[Photo: Dwayne Brown; Fantastic Design Ideas, Execution and Keeping Me Sane: Banfield Seguin]