dreaming of sunshine

little., originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

Just over a year ago, I returned from a tropical holiday (my first ever!), sad to be parted from the Mad Dog's frozen drinks and unable to do anything but daydream about The Baths. Painkillers (the drinking kind, not the I'm-in-pain kind), days full of reading novels on the beach and waking up to a perfect view of the atlantic made getting through the dregs of February a breeze.

This year I have no such holiday, though we were tempted! Instead, an early bout of spring weather and a few weeks of downtime are making the last days of winter feel not quite as stifling as usual.

Centretown is alive again - the neighbourhood is full of bicycles, and we're all digging through our closets to unearth spring shoes, jackets and rain boots (those puddles of snow are unforgiving). While we are all holding our breath and waiting for the sure-to-come remaining few feet of snow, this early taste of spring has left most of us with a little extra bounce in our step, and a few more pieces of tropical fruit in our grocery carts (like this lovely baby pineapple that found it's way to mine).