run with it.

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I never would have pegged myself as a runner. Sure, I play soccer, and sure, I like team sports like ultimate, and I cross-country ski, but I'm not sure that if my creative self had to label my athletic self, that "I run" would have been anywhere in that vocabulary.

Cue last summer. The busiest summer ever. The longest work hours I had ever worked. A pitiful amount of time to rest, relax, or more importantly, create things. And I wanted out. Every morning, I walked to work, and all I really wanted to do was kick into high gear and move. Quickly. So I did what more sane people probably wouldn't do, and joined a running clinic. From "OMG when is this single minute over" to "5K" in just a few mere weeks. I was pleased as punch with myself until I got too busy to attend the last half of that clinic.

Fast forward to February. Not only have I conquered my first 5K on my own, but I'm running big distances in big long stretches of time without feeling as if I am slowly torturing myself (though I will admit to thinking sometimes that I would rather do ANYTHING than that last three minutes. ANYTHING.).

With more free time on my hands these days (which means more 2pm trips to the gym), a minor aversion to disgusting powergel packs to conquer, and a nagging-Nike running chip on my hip, I have registered and starting training for my first actual race. In May!

Won't you join me? And if you'd rather let my feet hurt for you, feel free to sponsor me (and donate to the Ottawa Hospital) in my quest towards my first (and well-earned) race medal.