begin anew.

festivus., originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

The only place I'd like to celebrate my birthday from now on is Atelier. I need a "fine dining" trust-fund. (Also file under: best birthday cake ever).

2010 and my 31st year bring with them a host of fresh starts, most notably the one where my job ends in a few short weeks and something yet-to-be-determined will begin.

This year I learned to really, truly run (and how!), I learned how to sail, how to properly summon help in case of pirates (not kidding!), and to tie impeccable knots around docks in tropical places. We gave up our car. We adopted a cat and gave up fostering.

I had dreams about adventure, and in 2010, they get even bigger.

Happy new year, friends. If the last two days are any indication, it only gets better from here.