on fire

m:brgr, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

or perhaps this should say "on burning the candle at both ends".

looks like I haven't posted in a while! I should have long-ago stopped feeling guilty about ignoring this blog, except I tend to obsessively review my stats, and some of you....you keep coming! For my lameness, I apologize.

It's been busy. So very very busy. Allow me to demonstrate!

  • We have a sick cat! One who cons me into (before now) taking him to the vet AT LEAST three times a week, and feeding him hypoallergenic treats because he is sad (cat-pout). We have a theory that he secretly liked the car rides, because I can't otherwise figure out why "bandage changes" would be so much fun.
  • It's our opening festival two weeks (who decided this should be TWO WEEKS? I feel like I haven't slept in about a million years). And as a reward...
  • I got a cold. Which is *the sick*. The sick sick sickest I have been in a long time. Which was a while ago.
  • Angus got sicker! (Go, kitty, go!). But that's a *very* long story for another time. I'm already writing it, I promise.
  • We rock-n-bowled! (Happy Birthday Kate!). Bowling was complete with delicious late-night cupcakes, and the worlds most awful shoes.
  • We went to Montreal! And oh how we ate. And slept. Sweetly, with dreams of eames chairs dancing in our heads.
  • We were going to Nuit Blanche! And now we are not. Angus is on a mission, and it is not a "go visit your friends!" mission.
  • I'm going to New York shortly to spy on other Orchestras.
  • I kid. We don't actually spy on each other. But I *am* going for work-related reasons. New York, yay! And I'm staying on the edge of Central Park. Now....to determine how I can just stay there forever.
  • And when I wasn't doing *that*, I was feigning sleep while continuing to check things off my to-do list.

In conclusion, it's been busy! And I have sorely missed writing, and talking about Angus, and crafting, and oh-so-many other things. So stay tuned, there's more news coming.