too tired for fetch

too tired for fetch
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too tired for automatic laser. too tired to chase the rope around. at least for the moment.

Angus is tired, and lonely. He misses reggie a lot. Do you have reggie? Maybe they could video chat? That would beat sitting at the top of the stairs every night crying about how there's nobody to play with. It would also beat Angus bringing me 'feather on a stick' at 2 in the morning, because as cute as he is, I'm going to say that part is not that fun.

Angus is also staying with us for a while, I think. Maybe forever. We got rid of the lumps. He wore an ugly itchy sweater. The incision healed. We discovered he had chronic eosinophilic granuloma (warning - photos of cells!). The lumps came back. New food to see if it's allergies? Fail. Everyone? Stumped.

Good thing he likes that rope. Next up? A friend, even temporary.