on being tidy.

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The gist of it is, really, that it's an impossibility when you live with two rambunctious, litter-tossing, toy-destroying five-month old kittens. You clean, they mess up. Rinse, lather, repeat, while adding an extra layer of destruction in there for good measure, like climbing the window screens, or hanging upside down from the (very tall) dining room chairs.

But with the kitties out of our hair (though we do miss them so), we are quickly ridding ourselves of the evidence of their furry little existence, built up in layer upon layer of reggie-fur, and a ridiculous amount of toys abandoned in odd nooks and crannies all over the three stories we call home.

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Our help? My adorable new vacuum, a little retro orange and grey hoover, complete with rolly wheels, that crazy cord that gets sucked back in when you push a button, and just enough power to deal with the mere hallway-and-stairs worth of carpet that adorns our house.

For a measly $70, I don't expect much from it, but it does the job, and if we're lucky, it'll outlast the horrid forest green carpet that graces our hall. Forest green! House? Awesome. Carpet? Lacking.

Today's tragedy? Shakey mouse, who, rather than going with Angus to the OHS as planned, had a lonely day, unfound, and unloved, trapped between the sofa cushions. He's happily been reunited with the rest of his cat toy friends, anxiously awaiting our next round of troublemakers - as are we.