love, in cat form.

love., originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

After three short months (!) and countless dreamed up challenges that all required Angus to actually come out from underneath our clawfoot tub, the big day is almost here....these kitties are going back.

While they're not genuinely social with just *anybody* yet, they LOVE their adopted cat mom and dad, so we're hoping that they bond with their new families in the same way. We can't be the only people to ever know that Reggie sleeps on his back when he's happy, and that Angus cries when he can't find you.

It's so very hard to say goodbye to Angus (who I adore), but in the end, it's for the right reasons, I think. He'll find a family who loves him, and we'll continue to give love to new little babies so that they, too, can go on to lead happy lives.

I always thought it seemed to get easier, giving them up, with time - but now giving them up seems so much harder. Sometimes there are special cats that just grow on you and find their way into your everyday routine more than the others.