garden goods

zukes, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

since we live in a house with a backyard, I'm very keen to grow green things this year. Trouble is, the backyards owners are coming back, at least eventually, and I'd feel guilty tearing up their long-established "we love it!" garden to plant veggies. So we're making do with pots and pots of things, like white zucchini (blossoms pictured above), a lettuce monster that just keeps giving lettuce, no matter how much we take away and lots more.

There's something special about watching things grow from tiny shrively plants. Maybe I notice it more this year, spending all my days inside a windowless office (sometimes I don't see daylight for 8 hours or more!), but I'm excited to come home every night to see what happened on the porch that day.

For now, it's all flowers and no food. But that's going to change...soon.