and when they are good

things that are good:

  • Angus coming out of his shell. Just barely, but he's almost there. He still spooks himself, but he is out from under the bathtub, and whining that we are not paying him enough attention. I would say...improvement!
  • Riding 20K a couple of times a week. You will be sore, but happy you did it and that brett nagged you in to it.
  • Sail sharing (really, people, why are you not doing it too?).
  • Kicking brett's butt at our sailing exam.
  • Getting ready for the last concert of the season (the NAC Orchestra's season is the longest by FAR of ANYTHING else we put on at the NAC).
  • That same concert being almost sold out! (What we marketers live for, really.)
  • New soccer cleats.
  • Fresh cherries.
  • Lettuce you grew in your own back yard.
  • Summer dresses. Really, that's all I need to make it through the rest of June. Other than that, it's busy busy busy. Work is madness. Non-work is madness and in-between, I try to squeeze in everything else!